Whyld River's NEW UL Sleeping Bag

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NEW Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag

We are so excited to be launching our new UL Down sleeping bag for your dog!

Our minimalist design with 20 denier ripstop nylon and 700 fp down fill gives your dog the optimal warmth to weight ratio while saving precious space and ounces in your pack.

In addition, this bag was built to work with our original sleeping bag as a liner. Perfect for winter snow camping and freezing temps.

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Whyld River's Original Sleep System

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The Original Sleep System for Dogs

Check out the sleeping bag that started it all! Our original sleep system for dogs features a 2-part design that allows your dog to feel cozy and unrestrained at all times. It also can function both as a travel bed and sleeping bag. The synthetic fill is washable and insulates your pup even when wet. The original bag can also be used with our new UL bag to create the perfect winter sleep system for your pup. Check it out!

Welcome to Whyld River

We believe that your best friend deserves the best gear.

That's why we created our original sleep system three years ago. To bring your best trail buddy the best sleep possible on the trail.

We want to continue to make your pup's adventures even better by now offering our ultralight down bag.

We always strive to improve, if there's anything you'd like to see from us please reach out!


3 dogs in a large green ultralight dog sleeping bag.  2 vizslas and one pug are cuddled up for warm in the sleeping bag against snow backdrop.
Whyld River's Ultralight Sleeping Bag
Whyld River's Original Sleeping Bag
Whyld River's Original Sleeping Bag

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