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Whyld River wants to help you and your dog get out into nature, making sure you are both warm, comfortable, and carrying as little weight as possible. Our DoggyBag is designed to be durable, lightweight, washable, and warm. All the best things for your best friend.

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The Whyld Way

We believe every animal should have a safe and warm place to call home. Our company works hard to help.

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Whyld River Updates:

Rescue Stories: Lupe & Liz

Rescue Stories: Lupe & Liz

The story of Lupe and her human adventure buddy Liz is a true tale of how our rescue dogs can rescue us right back!  I dare you to read this and not break out the tissues.  Liz and Lupe have made it through some bumpy turns on the road together, but their experiences have made them and their bond grow stronger.  

Liz and Lupe are on a new adventure launching a local business here in Portland called Woof Walks PDX - check them out!

River's Favorite Biscuits

River's Favorite Biscuits

Recipe for River's favorite homemade doggy biscuits
Rescue Stories: Piper & Andy

Rescue Stories: Piper & Andy

The story of Piper and Andy

"The most difficult thing was saying goodbye to her when I was done with my volunteer travel and I didn’t know if I would ever see her again.  Leaving her to her fate seemed like a terrible thing.  Knowing her the way I know her now, I realize it was the luck of my life that she still needed me when I was finally able to provide her a home - she is the nicest, easiest and most gentle dog and I really lucked out having her be mine!"

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