Washing your DoggyBag

Please Note: We HIGHLY recommend using a washing machine without an agitator.  Our warranty does not cover DoggyBags washed in washing machines with agitators as these are known to rip nylon fabric when wet.  Please use caution. 

How to wash your DoggyBag:

Step 1: Unsnap the top "quilt" half of your DoggyBag from the bottom half.

Step 2: Put both halves of the DoggyBag in the washing machine and add a gentle detergent.

Step 3: Select any wash cycle, but make sure to select a high spin cycle. (Please note this is for washing machines without an agitator only)

You can wash your DoggyBag in cold to warm or even in hot water (up to 40C or 104F), but please note that the color will last longer if the product is washed in cooler or cold water.

Step 4: Once DoggyBag is done washing you can line dry or dry the DoggyBag in your dryer.  

We recommend drying in your dryer on low to medium heat.  You can use tennis balls in order to ensure to reduce clumping in the insulation caused by drying.

Please note: drying on high heat may warp snaps.  


Your DoggyBag is ready for your next adventure!

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