3 dogs in a large green ultralight dog sleeping bag.  2 vizslas and one pug are cuddled up for warm in the sleeping bag against snow backdrop.
One small dog in an extra small dog sleeping bag by Whyld River.  The dog sleeping bag is green and is made of ultralight materials.
One young vizsla pup in a green sleeping bag.  The sleeping bag is an ultralight down sleeping bag for dogs by Whyld River.
Ridgeback dog in tent laying in a sleeping bag looking at the camera. He has a blue collar on.  Laying in an orange tent with green sleeping bag.
Shows all sizes of dog sleeping bag in included stuff sack next to nalgene water bottle for size comparison.
Shows all sizes of sleeping bags spread out with nalgene water bottle for size comparison
extra small ultralight dog sleeping bag in stuff sack next to nalgene water bottle

Whyld River's Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Whyld River

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Whyld River's ultralight down sleeping bag offers an ultralight backpackable solution for your dog's comfort and warmth on the trail.

Temperature rating: 40 degrees Fahrenheit / 4.4 degrees Celsius

Material: 20 denier ripstop nylon

Insulation: Responsibly Sourced (RDS) Duck Down 700 fill power

 This sleeping bag comes in 5 sizes:

    • X-Small:
      • recommended for dogs less than 20 pounds/ 9.1 kg
      • finished size 23in x 23in / 58.4cm x 58.4cm
      • packed size: 6.5" long x 5.5" diameter / 15.2cm x 14cm
      • compressed size: 2" long x 5" diameter / 5cm x 12.7cm
      • total weight: 4.0oz / 112g
      • fill weight: 1.5oz / 42.5g
    • Small:
      • recommended for dogs 20-40 pounds/ 9.1-18.1 kg
      • finished size 29in x 29in / 73.6cm x 73.6cm
      • packed size : 7" long x 9" diameter / 17.8cm x 22.9cm
      • compressed size: 3" long x 5" diameter / 7.6cm x 12.7cm
      • total weight: 6.2oz / 175g
      • fill weight: 2.3oz / 65.5g
    • Medium: 
      • recommended for dogs 40-60 pounds/ 18.1-27.2 kg
      • finished size 39in x 32in / 99cm x 81.3cm
      • packed size : 7" long x 11" diameter / 17.8cm x 27.9cm
      • compressed size: 5.5" long x 5.5" diameter / 14cm x 14cm
      • total weight: 8.7oz / 247g
      • fill weight: 3.5oz / 98g
    • Large
      • recommended for dogs 60-80 pounds/ 27.2-36.3 kg
      • finished size 51in x 39in / 129.5cm x 99cm
      • packed size : 8.5" long x 12" diameter / 21.6cm x 30.5cm
      • compressed size: 6" long x 6" diameter / 15.2cm x 15.2cm
      • total weight: 13.0oz / 369g
      • fill weight: 5.4oz / 153g
    • X-Large
      • recommended for dogs 80-100+ pounds/ 36.3 kg - 45.4kg+
      • finished size 61in x 45in / 154.9cm x 114.3cm
      • packed size : 14" long x 11" diameter / 35.6cm x 27.9cm
      • compressed size: 7" long x 7" diameter / 17.8cm x 17.8cm
      • total weight: 17.3oz / 491g
      • fill weight: 7.3oz / 208g

In this design we went as minimal as possible to reduce the weight as much as possible.  The bag only has one opening where your pup can enter the bag.  You can then use the drawstring with cordlock to close the bag.  This makes it a cocoon of warmth where your pup can curl all the way inside the bag or you can leave it slightly open and they can stick a nose or a head or even a couple paws out to regulate their temperature.

There are loops all the way around the bag that secure it to the inside of our original sleep system.  This brings the original sleep system down to 15 degrees if the UL bag is used inside as a liner.

The loops can also be used to secure the sleeping bag to the ground to keep the bag in place.  As we did not include a pad sleeve to save weight on this bag, the loops could also be used to secure a sleeping pad beneath the bag.


Giving Back: for every 10 sleeping bags we sell we donate 1 to Portland Animal Welfare Team in Portland, OR.

The Portland Animal Welfare Team (or "PAW Team" for short) does important work by offering free veterinary care, medicine, supplies, and food to the pets of people who are experiencing extreme poverty or homelessness.

A part of each dollar you spend with Whyld River will go toward helping PAW Team to offer these services.  So far we have donated over $2,000 to PAW Team and multiple sleeping bags, which have kept pups warm through winter and brought in even more money at auction.  As we grow we will continue to be offer more aid to dogs in need, thanks to your support.

Whyld River with non-profit partner Rachel Berry at Portland Animal Welfare Team

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