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""For nights when you don’t feel like sharing your sleeping bag with Fido, check out the DoggyBag""
Emerging Gear: Dog Sleeping Bag
Gear Junkie - May 03, 2018
""I don't think consumers are accepting subpar products for their dogs anymore," says Bauman, who founded her company, Whyld River, in 2017. "I'm saving the world one doggy sleeping bag at a time.""
DoggyBag offers rest for the four-legged
Portland Tribune - April 22, 2018
"Rachel Bauman always thought she'd get a husky or some other big dog to keep up with her love for hiking and backpacking. Instead, she fell in love with River, a small, 30-pound mutt, at an adoption event and never looked back."
The Pitch: Whyld River makes products for adventurous humans' furry friends
Portland Business Journal - April 24, 2018
The Whyld Pack
Rachel & River
Pack Leaders
Rachel and River founded Whyld River in October of 2017 when they couldn't find the gear they needed for a backpacking trip. Before founding Whyld River, Rachel worked in retail at REI where she enjoyed hanging out in the camping department and outfitting people for their outdoor adventures. River enjoyed a brief career as a professional squirrel chaser. He now is passionate about testing products for Whyld River, but still finds time to volunteer as a squirrel chaser on weekends. River and Rachel believe in the healing power of being active in the outdoors and hopes that through Whyld River they can help get more people and fur people on the trails and living happier healthier lives!
Our Whyld Partners
Puplandia Dog Rescue is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit based out of Aloha, Oregon. We work with Puplandia Dog Rescue to help abandoned and surrendered dogs find their forever homes.
The Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team saves lives, alleviates suffering, and keeps pets and people together by providing free veterinary care to the pets of people who are experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty. For every ten dog sleeping bags we sell we will donate one bag (or monetary equivalent) to PAW Team to support their work.
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