How to make your own doggy sleeping bag!


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Hey we get it, what with vet bills, high quality kibble (or a freezer full of raw), maybe your pup just doesn't have the budget for their very own sleeping bag.

Never fear!  We hang out on reddit sometimes and we were lucky enough to stumble across this awesome DIY project by Mel Makes a Mess.  So if you've got the skills, head on over to check out her guide on how to build your own sleeping bag (snaps and all)!

Please leave us a comment below if you make this doggy sleeping bag, or better yet DM us on Instagram to tell us about your project and send us your doggy sleeping bag photos or adventure photos.  We'd love to feature you in our Stories!  

Happy crafting all you amazing makers out there!

P.S. this is Mel's own design for a doggy sleeping bag and somewhat differs from the DoggyBag, but still looks awesomely warm and cozy!